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Beginner Course Video Package:

If you are new to trading in the market, the Beginner Training Course will teach you everything you need to know about Forex AND Stocks, starting from the very basics. You will learn all of the necessary terminology that is required to understand both markets, and you will learn how to understand a chart. After you complete the Beginner Video Course, sign up for a Lifetime Advanced Membership, which will teach you how to trade our profitable VSA Syndicate trading method and how to use our trading system!



Includes Complete Video Course, New Video Lessons + VSA Syndicate Lifetime Software License for 1 Computer:

If you already understand the basics of the Forex or Stock market, and you know how to read a chart, understand pips, lot sizes, shares, etc, the Advanced Training Course will teach you how to trade the VSA Syndicate trading method and how to use our trading system. You will learn how to identify market phases, reversal patterns, price action, how to trade with Fibonacci levels, and how to read the bar volume which is the key to our system. VSA Syndicate's software for Metatrader AND Ninjatrader (for 1 computer) is included when you sign up for the Lifetime Membership. You can also message us on Skype anytime to ask questions and get trade ideas.