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VSA Syndicate is our proprietary indicator package built for trading stocks, penny stocks, forex, and futures with the trading platforms Metatrader 4 and Ninjtrader. We have developed our own trading system that incorporates VSA (Volume Spread Analysis), market phases, market maker patterns, and Fibonacci. Below you will see a breakdown of each indicator included in the VSA Syndicate Trading Software:

1. VSA Syndicate Volume Bars

Forex Stocks Penny Stocks Trading Software Indicators VSA Syndicate Volume Bars

The terminology of these bars come from Tom Williams' book called Master the Markets. We teach how to trade with these colored bars in our training courses.

  • Climax Up Bar (Red)
  • Climax Down Bar (Blue)
  • High Volume Churn (Green)
  • Low Volume Bar (Gold)
  • High Churn + Climax Bar - A Rare Bar (Purple)

Unlike free VSA Volume Bar Indicators, VSA Syndicate Volume Bars contains some added features to better assist in trading:

  • Alerts can be enabled for each volume bar color when the candle closes and confirms the colored bar.
  • The trader can receive Popup Alerts and Email Alerts for the volume bars and Fibonacci Zones (multi-timeframe) with Metatrader and Ninjatrader. You can also get Notification Alerts to a mobile device with Metatrader (these are sent to the MT4 Mobile App for iPhone and Android Devices)
  • Popup Alerts are also sound equipped. You will hear a voice say "Climax Up Bar", 'High Volume Churn Bar", etc.
  • The Volume Bar indicator includes an additional indicator which is used to change the color of the candle to match its colored volume bar, making it much easier to visualize the candle with the volume signal.

PLEASE NOTE: Enabling Indicator Alerts in our Trading Software Package makes trading VSA much easier and will enable you to be more free from the computer. The trader can wait until an alert is given, then discern the trade setup manually. The VSA Volume Bars are not intended to be a simple Buy or Sell signal. The trader must learn the basic principles of VSA.

2. VSA Syndicate Fibonacci Dashboard

Forex Stocks Penny Stocks Trading Software Indicators VSA Syndicate Fibonacci Dashboard

This is the newest indicator in VSA Syndicate's Trading Software Package. This indicator automatically draws Fibonacci Retracement Zones which are used as part of the VSA Syndicate Trading Strategy. The Fibonacci indicator also includes a custom Dashboard which is tell you how many pips above or below the price is from a Fib box on each time frame. The green and red arrows signal the direction the Fibonacci retracement is setting up for on each time frame. This is explained more in detail in our training courses.

3. VSA Syndicate Double Cross

Forex Stocks Penny Stocks Trading Software Indicators VSA Syndicate Double Cross

The Double Cross Indicator is a custom Moving Average cross that is very sensitive to price movement. This is used for divergence and for overbought/oversold levels to enter a trading position for a reversal. This indicator is used as confirmation of a trade setup, a market phase, or a buying/selling zone. It is not simply used as a signal to buy or sell.

4. VSA Syndicate TEMA

Forex Stocks Penny Stocks Trading Software Indicators VSA Syndicate TEMA

This Triple Exponential Moving Average (or TEMA) is used as a support/resistance level as well as trading in the direction of the trend. If the dotted line is green, look for long entries with the proper setup; if the dotted line is red, look for short entries.


5. VSA Syndicate ADR

Forex Stocks Penny Stocks Trading Software Indicator VSA Syndicate ADR

The ADR (or Average Daily Range) indicator calculated potential targets for intraday long or short positions. Although we don't use this indicator in our template, it is one of the original indicators used in the first version of VSA Syndicate, so it is included for free in our Trading Software Package as a "Legacy Indicator."

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