Follow My $1,000 Forex Trading Challenge!

by Andy L
My trading account grew +26% in only 10 trading days!! And I want to show you how:

Hey everyone, it's Andrew. Some of you know of my previous trading records in the past; I turned $1,500 into $135,000 in 10 months and $274 into $200,000+ in 8 months trading penny stocks, and I turned $4,700 into $43,000 in only 3 months trading Forex.

Today, I want to share with you my biggest goal to date:

Growing $1,000 into $1,000,000 trading Forex

How am I going to do it? With the VSA Syndicate Trading Method.

I am SO excited to see how much my students have improved their trading performance since I launched my Training Program only 1 year ago. About a month ago, I announced to my students that I was going to start a trading challenge, and on July 6th, I took the first trade.

As of today, it has only been 10 trading days since I started, and my students have been able to follow my trades in the chatroom and ask questions to learn how to profitably trade VSA Syndicate. Also, I have already made 26% growth in my account! Yet banks can't even make you 1% per year on your money...

As a member, you can join my students and me in the trading chatroom every day, watch the Training Videos, and download the VSA Syndicate Trading Software. Also, you will get my video updates that I release each week covering recent trades, etc.

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