• Frequently Asked Questions about VSA Syndicate
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  • 1. Does VSA Syndicate alert me when to Buy/Sell?

    The VSA Syndicate indicators are designed to be a helpful aid when applying the VSA Syndicate Trading Method to your trading. The software has the capability of sending you realtime alerts via pop ups on your screen with voice alerts, email notifications, and instant notifications to a mobile device. The system does not tell you "Buy here" or  "Sell here", but it will alert you when the market is at a specific level or when there is Smart Money activity in the market. Essentially, the alerts are intended to alert you when to watch the market closely for a potential setup. By taking the training courses and participating in the student chatroom, you will learn how to find these setups and how to properly trade them. VSA Syndicate is a truly multi-dimensional Training Program.

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  • 2. What does the 7 day free trial include?

    The 7 day free trial simply lets you download and try the VSA Syndicate indicators for Metatrader 4 (a Forex Platform). You can configure the indicator alerts and customize the indicators. When you sign up for the free trial, you can also watch an introductory video to the VSA Syndicate Advanced Course.

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  • 3. Does VSA Syndicate Tell me where to place Take Profits / Stop Losses?

    When you study the training program, you will learn where to place take profits and stop losses. Generally, we use stop losses to protect account equity rather than control each individual trade. The reason for this is that the market is highly manipulated, and Smart Money hunts stop losses from retail traders. This is why over 90% retail traders lose in the market. We do encourage moving stop losses to break-even though, and we teach you how to manage your trades from the moment you open them to the moment you close them, whether for a profit or for a loss.

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  • 4. Do you have any videos showing the system in action?

    When you complete the Advanced course video series, there is a video demonstration a live trade on GBP/USD. the video begins when we analyze the market before placing a trade, and it ends after we close the trade for profit.

    Videos can mean one thing, but this is also the purpose of the student chatroom that you will have lifetime access to as a VSA Syndicate member. We place trades every week, and we discuss the setups before taking a trade, and we continue to analyze the market and manage the trade until we close it. There is always something new, and we adapt to the market because it is never consistent.

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  • 5. What timeframe do you trade on?

    The amazing thing about VSA Syndicate is that the method can work on any timeframe. You can trade it on a 1 minute chart or on a monthly chart. In the student chatroom, we teach you how to day trade and occasionally swing trade for 1-2 days with the system. We utilize multiple timeframes in our trading, specifically the daily, 1 hour, and 15 minute charts.

    You can tailor your trading style to be flexible around your schedule. Whether you prefer to day trade or swing trade, this system is successful.

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  • 6. What hours do you typically trade?

    We welcome our members to message us with any questions about VSA or trade ideas anytime. The VSA Syndicate trading coach, Andrew, usually begins trading around the US Stock Market open, which is 9:30 Eastern Standard Time. He is usually on for the first couple of hours as most of his trades are intraday positioning or swing trades (overnight or longer.) He is usually done for the day by 12-4:00 PM EST which is the US market close.

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  • 7. Will your Metatrader indicators work for Mac?

    Yes! If you are running Metatrader on your Mac, you can install the indicators and active your license. Installation and setup instructions are listed in the member area when you log in to the website.

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  • 8. How can I run Metatrader 4 and Ninjatrader on my Mac?

    There are 3 different ways that we recommend installing Metatrader and/or Ninjatrader on your Mac.

    1. You can install Windows on your Mac with Bootcamp, which comes with your Mac (You have to install Microsoft Windows as a secondary operating system.) Once Windows is installed, you can install Metatrader and Ninjatrader
    2. You can purchase Parallels at www.parallels.com (You also need install Microsoft Windows to run Metatrader and Ninjatrader.)
    3. You can purchase Crossover from www.codeweavers.com. This is the easiest method as you don't need to actually install Windows to run Metatrader on your Mac. We use Crossover for Metatrader on our Macs and we are very pleased with how well it works. We have not been able to successfully install Ninjatrader with Crossover, but one of the other methods above should work.
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  • 9. Do you offer refunds?

    No, we do not give refunds. You get lifetime access to all of this material for a one-time fee. There is no such thing as cancelling a lifetime membership. We are happy to answer questions and help you with any issues you may have either through email, or Skype, or by phone. Our job is to make you a successful trader. Quitters never win!

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  • 10. Is there a monthly fee for any services from VSA Syndicate?

    When you join the VSA Syndicate program, you become a lifetime member. The lifetime membership includes unlimited access to the video library to watch the training courses, a lifetime license for the trading indicators, lifetime updates, and lifetime access to message us with any Q&A on Skype. You get all of these products and services forever when you join VSA Syndicate. This is a better deal than you will find anywhere else online as most sites don't include lifetime services for only one initial fee.

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