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End of Year Special – Save $200!

by Andy L
End of Year Special – Save $200!

We made 888% in 7 Months Trading Forex! Save $200 on a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!

We are very grateful for wonderful year of trading in the chatroom at VSA Syndicate! The account above was traded with all of our forex alerts given in our chatroom. We have students who trade stocks, forex, and futures. We have students who day-trade and swing-trade. But there is one thing that every student has in common - their trading has greatly benefited from VSA Syndicate's Advanced Training Course and the Chatroom!

You are receiving this email because at one time or another, you signed up for a trial at VSA Syndicate.
The regular price for a Lifetime Membership at VSA Syndicate is $999, but if you are interested in joining our lifetime program today, you can save $200!

With a membership, you can learn how to profitably trade forex, futures, and stocks (yes we made 60% gain in our stock account just in October 2016 - all trades alerted in chat!)

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free online meeting to discuss our program and have an introduction to our indicators, please respond to this email!

We hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!

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Examples of Stock Trades in Our Chatroom

by Andy L

When incorporating the VSA Syndicate trading method to search for and find stocks, these are the runners you can expect to find on a weekly basis. We will teach you how to find these stocks and how to trade them!

RGSE - 253% Profit Potential in only 1 Day!

RGSE Alert 9/26/2016


YRD - 12.6% Profit Potential per share (50.4% Profit Potential with 4:1 Intraday Margin)

$YRD Alert 9/27/2016


ASTI - 54% Profit Potential in a few hours!

ASTI Alert 9/26/2016

Follow My $1,000 Forex Trading Challenge!

by Andy L
My trading account grew +26% in only 10 trading days!! And I want to show you how:

Hey everyone, it's Andrew. Some of you know of my previous trading records in the past; I turned $1,500 into $135,000 in 10 months and $274 into $200,000+ in 8 months trading penny stocks, and I turned $4,700 into $43,000 in only 3 months trading Forex.

Today, I want to share with you my biggest goal to date:

Growing $1,000 into $1,000,000 trading Forex

How am I going to do it? With the VSA Syndicate Trading Method.

I am SO excited to see how much my students have improved their trading performance since I launched my Training Program only 1 year ago. About a month ago, I announced to my students that I was going to start a trading challenge, and on July 6th, I took the first trade.

As of today, it has only been 10 trading days since I started, and my students have been able to follow my trades in the chatroom and ask questions to learn how to profitably trade VSA Syndicate. Also, I have already made 26% growth in my account! Yet banks can't even make you 1% per year on your money...

As a member, you can join my students and me in the trading chatroom every day, watch the Training Videos, and download the VSA Syndicate Trading Software. Also, you will get my video updates that I release each week covering recent trades, etc.

You can join today for only 1 LIFETIME FEE! You won't find anything else like this on the internet...

A Lifetime Membership is normally $999.

Because I want you to join me in my $1,000 trading challenge, I am going to offer you a big discount, but there are only 10 seats available.

If you are one of the first 10 people to sign up BEFORE July 25th, you can get my $999 Lifetime Membership for only

($350 discount)
This is the biggest discount that I have ever offered, so take advantage of it before it's gone! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP TODAY!


Learn How I Make Six Figures per Year Trading Stocks & Forex

by Andy L
Learn How I Make Six Figures per Year Trading Stocks & Forex


If you are reading this blog, you are here because you want to learn how you can make serious cash trading, or maybe it's simply because you want an additional income.

My name is Andrew, and I am the founder of VSA Syndicate. I am 26 years old, and my trading journey began when I started college right after high school. I had an introduction to investing in my high school economics class, and ever since then I was intrigued with the market. As a new college student, I had some very big financial goals. I was very fortunate to have a full-ride scholarship for my college education as a music major (Piano Performance). Along with looking for a way to have an income while in college, I also had a dream of owning a Steinway grand piano.

For those of you who have ever heard of Steinway, they are widely considered as one of the best piano builders in the world.

Soon after I revisited my exposure to investing in high school, I learn about penny stocks and how you can make very large profit in a short amount of time trading them.

Long story short, I began looking into penny stocks, reading message boards, joining chatrooms and asking questions, and researching during late hours of the night. The result of this hard work and dedication was turning my $1,500 trading account into over $130,000 in one year. I was finally able to buy the Steinway piano of my dreams.

That same week that I bought my Steinway, I played the piano at Carnegie Hall. I can distinctly remember making $10,000 profit on a trade when I was riding the subway in NYC heading to Carnegie Hall for a rehearsal.

I've been able to live a comfortable lifestyle. I've owned 2 BMW's, currently looking to buy my 3rd one, and I have my private pilot's certificate, so I have the freedom to fly wherever I want whenever I want!

Flying the Cirrus SR-20

For me, life isn't just about buying whatever you want, it's about enjoying life to the fullest with people who you are close with. Here's a picture of me on a hike near the Grand Teton National Park that my wife and I hiked a couple years ago.

Idaho Hiking

Trading stocks and forex (currency) has definitely given my family freedom as I have the ability to work from home or anywhere around the world. Over the years, I have had many friends ask me to consider teaching them my strategy. It gave me the idea to offer a course that anyone can sign up for and learn the same methods that I use for my success. Unlike other sites and services that teach trading, VSA Syndicate only costs a one-time fee.


Some people may wonder why I would consider selling my system if I make a lot of money trading it...


Simple - because I can make money selling it and make money trading it. Plus I get so happy to see my students turn into successful traders in our trading chatroom! One of my top students grew his trading account 15% last week!

I put a price on my course because I am giving you all of the tools you need to be a successful trader for the rest of your life. The cost of VSA Syndicate covers a Lifetime License for my charting software (with realtime alerts sent to your email and phone so you don't have to stare at the computer all day!), Lifetime access to the VSA Syndicate Student chatroom where my students and I make trade alerts, answer questions, etc. You will also get Lifetime access for the training videos and course material.

My students in the chatroom saw me make over $200,000 (170% account growth) first-hand in trading profits just with forex since mid April!

Considering that this is the last investment you will ever need to make to learn how you can beat the market, you won't find a better deal ANYWHERE else. This method works with stocks, forex, and even futures and options!

Since those of us in the United States have a holiday - Memorial Day - coming up next Monday, May 30, I thought I would celebrate by offering a discount for a lifetime membership at VSASyndicate.com.

You can SAVE $150 on the advanced course (normally $999, now $849) if you sign up before June 1st! Use this coupon code when you sign up: MEMORIALDAY2016

There are NO exceptions - you must sign up by 11:59pm on May 31st to get this discount! If you have any questions, you can contact us through our website or call us on the phone! We want to see you SUCCEED!