Andrew-IdahoWelcome to VSA Syndicate! My name is Andrew, and I am a successful day trader. I am the founder of VSA Syndicate and your Trading Mentor in this community.

Through many trials and errors over many years, I have learned a secret to trading that can make you profitable in ANY market - stocks, options, forex, futures, commodities, bonds...

I always strive for success in anything I pursue. Along with trading, I am also a concert pianist and a Steinway Artist. I have performed in Carnegie Hall, and my music is sold all around the world.

I began trading because I wanted to buy a 7' Steinway grand piano, and that is how I began my trading journey.

Now, more about trading...

The internet is full of scammers who rip you off and sell you junk because they can't make money trading it themselves. I began teaching my trading method because of many requests within the trading community. Today, I have created a complete trading package for the beginner or experienced trader. I sell VSA Syndicate because I put a lot of time into teaching you in my chatroom how I trade profitably, and I also give you live trade alerts to teach you this system.

Follow my trades in the chatroom, and I will teach you how you can find your own forex and stock trades and never have to rely on anyone else again! Your future is in your hands!